Saturday, June 28, 2008

quinny zapp stroller

The Quinny Zapp stroller is my favorite stroller. Boo hoo for me, it wasn't available in the US when my daughter was born. Our big concern was how little space it can take up and how easy is it to fold up and toss in the car. Looks had to take second priority. But with the Zapp it doesn't. It's the total package. Look at how it folds up into nothing! You slip it into a carrying case when you travel! It looks like a case of tennis rackets (it only weighs 15.6 pounds.) Wish I had one. We have the Peg Pereggo which is easy to fold up and toss in the car, looks good enough and stores upright in a modest amount of space.

For newborns, you can snap in the maxi cosi infant car seat, which is lovely. We have the maxi cosi priori convertible car seat and like it's styling, ease of installation and use.

This stroller runs around $199.99 which is far less than it's other attractive counterparts like Bugaboo or Mutsy. If you're an on the go parent with little space definitely give this stroller a look.

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