Saturday, June 21, 2008

summer seating

Hooray for summer! I love eating outdoors in the summer on our "patio." Patio is in quotes because I'm not sure it technically qualifies as a true patio. It's a 3 foot x 10 foot space which we spruced up with brick surrounded by pebbles. The pebbles were chosen way before the Babe was born. They are of great interest to all small children who have over the last few years moved them to various spots around the building. Our daughters favorite spot is under the Oleander leaves that covers the fence between our abode and the neighboring condos.

Anyway, we have a small bistro set and barbecue out there. I want to toss a few potted plants and make room for a chair for my Babe. There is a colorful chair at a local boutique made in Africa from recycled tires that I am leaning towards. At the moment, I am waiting to see if they get more in. I haven't located it anywhere else yet. During my internet search for it I came across some great summer seating for the kids.

I like this H back kids chair from loll Designs ($139). It's a modern take on the adirondack chair made from recycled plastic and it comes in a range of cool colors including sky and leaf (my faves). It works for kids up to age 6. I'm thinking it'll be easy to clean and you won't have to worry about splinters. I wonder how the color would hold up in the sun?

These OFFI Tiki stools ($59) are fun. Kids deserve fun colors. Plus these can double as little side tables.

The Nest Jax sling-back chair ($68) looks perfect for tots who like to kick back and relax. Besides being made from organic cotton and recycled wood, it's washable. A necessity for anything touched by children and the elements.

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