Thursday, June 12, 2008

counter top dishwasher

My sister, bless her told me about counter top dishwashers. Our lives are transformed. We bought the Danby counter top dishwasher when our daughter was a few months old. Funny story about that. I measured the space between the counter and the cabinets, compared it to the dimensions of the washer and perfect, it would fit. So, I ordered it. The box arrived. The huge box arrived. We opened it up and our reaction was instant. "There is no way that will fit under the cabinets". My stomach turned. What had I done in my sleep deprived insanity? Clearly, I had messed up. Luckily my husband refused to give up. He cut the molding off the bottom of the cabinet and the washer slid in. I am so glad he didn't let me ship it back!

I read mixed reviews about the machine on Target so we were sceptical. So far, so good. It looks from the picture, like we have last years model so I can't review this exact machine. Ours cleans the dishes well most of the time and it is relatively quiet. It is so nice to not have to waste time hand washing dishes anymore. Plus, we got rid of the unsightly drying rack.

Buy online for $209.00 at Target.

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