Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lewis Cube

I want four of these bunched together in the living room instead of our hated pine coffee table. We've been dying to get rid of it but we haven't found anything with enough storage in it to be able to trash it. Husband can certainly make the box and wonderbar! they sell just the slipcovers for $24. That's so much better than 4 x $179. Ouch.
Sadness. Garden Gate Green is no longer available. Navy and red don't work for us. I still think this cube is fab. The slipcovers are removable, a necessity. These would be great for hiding, I mean storing toys.
I must say this photo is so nicely styled. The yellow accents in the carpet and the hot pink flowers are just gorgeous with this green. If I close my eyes I'm on vacation at my dream beach cottage. Love when a photo can do that.

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