Saturday, June 7, 2008

one baby, one bedroom

We live in an amazing neighborhood blocks from the beach. There are great parks, farmers markets and every shop you can think of within walking distance. As you can guess, real estate here is astronomical. A never-been-touched since the 1960s 2 bedroom condo starts at $600,000. For something you'd actually consider living in, well they go for at least $800,000. Houses are all well over a $million!

So we are contently making the best of our one bedroom rental. We've carved out a nook for our 18 month old daughter in what was once our dining area. We are committed to maintaining our "adult space" but I am trying to transform our decor into a fun place for a kid too. We like a modern aesthetic, but nothing stark. I believe there is a happy medium between stylish adult living and whimsical "kid-ville."

Since space is at a premium I am on a mission to find the best design for living small and living well. I figure there are a lot of other parents out there in similiar situations to ours. I hope you'll share your design solutions with me as I share mine.

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