Tuesday, June 17, 2008

patterned pendant lamps

I'm always ahead of the retail curve or too poor. For my wedding our colors were orange, green, and dark pink. We scoured southern california looking for orange and green neck ties for the groomsmen... nothing. We ended up settling for one's with a bit of a pattern. The following summer J. Crew and Banana Republic had them in the exact shades we were looking for. The same thing happens to me in home decorating. I get an idea from a magazine (it always costs a mint) then search high and low for a less expensive alternative. I'm even willing to make it if I can find the materials. I always end up having to settle for something not quite as spectacular as I was hoping.

This time round it's the pendant lamp above our couch. I wanted one with a cool pattern. I ended up with a solid silver dupioni lamp shade that I converted into a pendant myself. What I really wanted is something like the Thomaspaul lamps ($275) above. I like to interject pattern wherever I can. I think my Babe would love the orange finches! The flora aqua shade has a retro feel to it that I'm digging.

Fat Pendant Hanging Lamp with Stripe Shade from Target ($49.99) is a great option for, as always, a quarter the price.

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