Saturday, October 18, 2008

country club chic nook

Thanks again Domino. This nook is part of interior designer Ruthie Sommers daughters room featured in the October issue. I think it's a lovely inspiration for a closet conversion, a nook in mom & dad's room if you're sharing or wherever you can carve out the space. While this hand-painted mural requires some skill try a "paired down to your talents" version in white on pink.

Target has a good selection of reasonably priced white crib options for recreating this look including the Bassettbaby Mission Crib ($219.99)

The addition of some wallpaper on the back wall really makes her closet special. A pleasant to open closet is always a good thing.

Maxi-Cosi at Target

This is the car seat we have and I'm happy with it. It started being sold in America just when we were ready for it. I was dreading putting the Britax seat in my car. It's ridiculous I know, but I think it's hideous. The Maxi-Cosi is easy to install, and easy to put in your child (though can be tougher w/a full diaper).

The first time we took it off to wash it we had a hard time pulling the buckle through but after some serious wiggling it came out. Now it comes out no problem. They say hand wash. But, hand washing didn't get rid of the vomit spell so we put it in the washer. It washed well - though there is a slight degrading of the stitching in one spot. Of course we have a low end washer which didn't help.

We recently brought in on a cross country flight. When buckled it fit on the handle of our pull luggage and was easy to get around the airport. It took no time at all to install in my parents car at the airport which was a lifesaver, since it was midnight and after 6 hours with a toddler who didn't nap we had no patience left.

Now they are carrying it at Target.

homemade sandbox with wheels

I clipped this from the July Domino magazine. I'm dreaming of something a lot smaller with grass in it for our little patio. On the way to work I pass a store front for a business called Pet a Potty that sells what I'm imagining. For a far different purpose of course. A sandbox would get a lot more use, but I love the idea of my babe barefoot on the grass. Truth be told there is no room for it at our abode. Still, it's a great idea if you have the space.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Families Squeeze In

My father clipped this New York Times article for me as I'm sure in instantly struck a cord with our situation. There are some clever sleeping solutions featured for some seriously tiny nooks. As with the subjects of this article, I really enjoy the urban atmosphere of our neighborhood. People walking on the sidewalks at all hours, playgrounds loaded with kids... it's hard to feel lonely.

My husband and I recently visited my parents on Cape Cod. They live in a lovely area near the beach (I live in a Pacific beach town but their is something special about an Atlantic beach town that you don't get here) where houses with yards are within reach. But each time we went to the local toddler playground it was empty. It felt lonely. Staying sane while staying at home with kids requires adult contact. I can't imagine not being able to just walk to the park for some "playtime" conversation with other moms. Although I still dream about a yard, I can be happy making due with less space here.
Here's the article.

Friday, October 10, 2008

trick or treat

Halloween is just around the corner and I am feeling crafty. These treat boxes from Martha Stewart are too cute not to make.

Now my daughter is old enough to have fun with Halloween but not old enough for trick or treating and candy. I'm thinking of having a few tots over for some treats and "play". I'm going to rope a few neighbors into an introduction to trick or treating with me supplying the treats. I think three toddlers and two doors should do the trick. I'd like to make some non-candy "healthy" Halloween inspired treats. I'd love some ideas...