Wednesday, July 2, 2008

life without a yard

Life without a yard proposes some challenges and a serious need for creative solutions. I grew up with a huge yard that nestled up against giants fields and woods. The neighbors across the street had the same. I have dreamy memories of sledding and snow hut building in the winter only to be topped by long days in the summer playing flash and capture the flag. We would spend hours in the woods pretending to be a frontier family surviving on pods fallen from the trees and water from the streams and brooks. I can't help but feel sad for my daughter who won't have that kind of experience. I know it fostered my independent nature and creativity.

Everything is so structured in the city. You can't just let your kids out of the house with instructions to be home for dinner. I see my challenge as a mother to find ways my Babe can feel like an explorer. When we are at the park I sometimes catch myself trying to walk her away from a puddle because if she gets wet she'll get the stroller muddy. I stop myself. I let her get down and dirty every chance she gets. A little dirt under the nails is a sure sign that fun is being had.

For now it's off to the park. I plan to share any activities and ideas I devise for fun without a yard. I'd love to hear yours....

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