Wednesday, November 19, 2008

walk-in nook

Every month I can count on Domino magazine to give me some inspiration. The November issue did not dissapoint. Now, if only I had a walk-in closet.
Michelle Rubel I'm guessing from NYC since they titled her nursery "the uptown prepster," converted a walk-in closet into a sophisticated nursery with Martha Stewarts "Blue Agave" paint and white accents. It is hard to spot in the picture because it is painted blue to blend into the walls, but just to the left of the crib is a Murphy bed-style changing table. Great idea!
She's created a cozy space for her daughter to sleep and a cabinet for all the essentials.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Move over Viking!

This is one gorgeous play kitchen. It's too rich for my blood. Luckily we don't have room for it, so I don't have to fret that my daughter can't have it. Plus, she can't have a nicer stove than us!

These are from Pottery Barn Kids and they offer the stove ($299), island ($498) - but don't despair it's on special for $479. Yes, a whole $19 off. That has got to be the lamest special I've ever seen - it doesn't even cover shipping. Why not an even $20 bucks? and Fridge ($299).

If you are looking for play food my favorite online source is moolka where they offer a great array of wooden and felt food. You can also create a wishlist for relatives. Tis the season.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I agree

Check out the blog My Notting Hill for the "Round Rugs - When?" post, a lovely roundup of round rugs (say that 10 times fast) including this Anthropologie Dream Menagerie rug ($78-298) My notting hill writes "Wouldn't this be adorable in a baby's room in front of the crib." I agree!

This rug would make an amazing starting point for a palette of greens & blues, pinks & reds, or yellow & greens. Perfect for boys, girls and for when you don't know yet...