Thursday, July 17, 2008

eiffel book case

We are knock on wood going to have another baby next March. So I am pondering a move to a two bedroom which seemed like it would solve all our space issues. No more toys in the living room - hooray! My daughter and the new baby will share a room. Then it occurred to me. When the baby is napping during the day, and my daughter is up she isn't going to be able to play in her bedroom. I'm still going to have to have toys out.

I think eiffel book case by argington is a perfect solution for toy storage in the living room. Bonus -it's a nice piece of modern furniture that isn't 2 grand ($630). It's available in four finishes: white, birch, walnut or red maple. You can also make it "two-tone" by selecting different finishes for the doors and case.

Unless she wants to play with her toy kitchen. Maybe we'll put that on casters?

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