Tuesday, July 8, 2008

cribs at jcp

JCP, that's JCPenny's for those of you like me who hasn't stepped in one in 20 years. I can still picture their Christmas catalog like it was yesterday. I spent hours marking off tall the toys I wanted. I remember the forest and beach at sunset wallpaper they use to sell. Of course as a teen I was way too cool to shop there. Now I think it's time to revisit.

The Sweat Pea Modern Crib, looks just like a crib I saw online for over a grand (I wanted to show that one too, but now I can't find it!). I don't think the proportions on this crib are appealing, but the shelves are a great spot for toys and books.

JCP has a large selection of well priced cribs. Check them out at their website.

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