Thursday, July 3, 2008

tile tattoos

There are so many fun wall decals out there, I was wondering if someone made something similiar for tiles. Sure enough, they do. The pattern selection at mibo lighting and homewares is small, but if you fancy one of the patterns these tile tatoos would allow for some sprucing up in a rental kitchen, or in a condo when you're not ready to finance a remodel. This is a British site, so when you convert to pounds, you'll feel a pinch in your wallet.

Homewares. We don't use that word in the U.S. I wonder why we say Housewares? It's a little alienating. I don't have a house. But I have a home.


Emma said...

Hello there, you might be pleased to know that you can source Mibo products from US based (for the tile tattoo page)

hope that's helpful.

{your UL} said...

Hello, I am a demonstrator for Uppercase Living and we carry a variety of vinyl expressions that come anywhere from 2-18 inches {at $1 an inch, that's hard to beat!}.

You can view them at my website: