Friday, October 17, 2008

Families Squeeze In

My father clipped this New York Times article for me as I'm sure in instantly struck a cord with our situation. There are some clever sleeping solutions featured for some seriously tiny nooks. As with the subjects of this article, I really enjoy the urban atmosphere of our neighborhood. People walking on the sidewalks at all hours, playgrounds loaded with kids... it's hard to feel lonely.

My husband and I recently visited my parents on Cape Cod. They live in a lovely area near the beach (I live in a Pacific beach town but their is something special about an Atlantic beach town that you don't get here) where houses with yards are within reach. But each time we went to the local toddler playground it was empty. It felt lonely. Staying sane while staying at home with kids requires adult contact. I can't imagine not being able to just walk to the park for some "playtime" conversation with other moms. Although I still dream about a yard, I can be happy making due with less space here.
Here's the article.

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