Tuesday, June 9, 2009

it's for the bears

$80 hard earned dollars on a bear canister. That is what my husband considers a necessity. He's off this weekend to climb Mt. Whitney with friends.

I'm still wrestling with how useful this thing even is. The bear can smell the food in the can and come to your campsite. It just can't open the can. The hope is it will become frustrated and leave. Or become frustrated and eat you? I'm told they aren't grizzly's. They are "more afraid of us than we are of them" (hard to imagine) and will just move on.

You don't want them eating your food. For two days this seemed like reason enough. Then I realize, he's only gone 2 1/2 days. If the bear ate his food, he isn't going to starve. I point out that he can fill up on Jack n the Box on the way home.

So, now he's a humanitarian. It's for the bears. The can keeps the bears from becoming accustom to eating human food. It keeps them wild - from slipping into the sad state of the polar bears; eating trash from the dump because it's there and it's easy. Okay, good reason. I don't want Yosemite bears turning into Yogi and Boo Boo. I wonder if I can write the can off as a charitable contribution?

Plus, he's pointed out it's multi-functional: He can use it as a chair. He's promised to take a picture of him around the campfire sitting on his can.

He bought it so now it's ours. I wonder if it's toddler proof?

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