Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Out of the rabbit hole

It's been so long since I've posted that I almost forgot my password to log on. The last few months
of my pregnancy were overwhelming. Besides keeping up with my 2 year old I was trying to pack
in as much work as possible so I could breath a little easier when the newbie arrived. Add the
economic downturn, crazy clients and tax time and I was run ragged.

Newbie is here. She's 7 weeks old today and I think I have my sanity back. I realize this is still
the baby honeymoon period of sleep, eat, poop so I am enjoying it. Thank my lucky stars newbie
is only waking up once a night! Very different from the every 2 hours her sister subjected us to.
I think I'll be keeping my sanity this time around. Though we are thinking of having another baby.
That may be proof in itself that I'm insane. I'll have to ponder that.

To those of you who stopped by while I was away, thank you. I'll be posting weekly now. Especially
now that I'm in dire need of keeping our abode from turning into a kiddie playland. I'm on the hunt
for nice storage solutions.

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