Friday, August 1, 2008

oh kitchen, where art thou?

After three cancellations trying to order the kid kraft retro blue kitchen I got over it and ordered the my french kitchen from Moolka. It comes with everything pictured. They shipped it right away and... it was supposedly left on my stoop. Of course it wasn't. I've waited three days for the Fed Ex driver to come by to jog his memory on where he put it. He must have left it on the wrong street. Today they tell me that they were never told to call me. Are they kidding? Someone is probably enjoying my play kitchen, two potatoes, tomato and bag of wooden pasta. I just want my girl to fry up some fake eggs. Is that too much to ask?


Michael said...

We got ours at Landbridge Toys. They call it "My Creative Cookery Club".

Michael said...

Oops. Bad Link. Here is the right one: